Monday, March 22, 2010

This Weekend's Great Deals

I had a very successful day with my coupons Saturday. Not only did I get a great deal on TWO pairs of jeans for little guy at Old Navy pairing a great sale with the 30% Give & Get coupon... but he also got new onsies at Kohls :) I {heart} that store! And with a gift card... free is better :)

Now onto the REAL savings...


They were totally out of the Snug & Dry diapers in the sizes I was willing to buy. So I picked up Huggies Little Movers - not part of the 2 for $17 but still only $8.99 package -- paired with my Target Coupon and MQ I got them for $4.50 a pack! I am still happy with it.


I loaded up my Safeway card with LOTS of eQs from P&G esaver (check out the side bar on Arizona Savings blog for the link) -- you have to add your Safeway card (Make sure to click save!!) and then you'll see all the WONDERFUL coupons :)

Deals that I got:
FREE Ivory Soap  - $1 eQ pgesaver
6.99 Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test - $5 eQ, -$1 MQ
1.99 Jennie O Ground Turkey (on sale -- I picked up 8 packages)
FREE Blistex Chapsticks -.35/1 MQ
1.19 MILK!!! :) - .55/1 Real CA Milk IPQ (see previous post for link)
1.19 Mission Tortillas -.75/1 IPQ (there is a MQ out now too)
.25 Hormel Chili - $1.50/3 MQ (These were on sale for .75/ea if you bought at least four. I got 9 and used my 3 coupons and picked them up for .25 each and will be on eBay later to get more Qs!)

FREE Suave Shampoo - Free Store Coupon
FREE Lay's Chips - Free Store Coupon
FREE Double Stuff Oreos - Free Store Coupon
(I got all three of these coupons on a mailing on Saturday... used them the same day! I'll post a pic in a bit of it! Did you get yours?)

How I used the Milk Coupon: After I picked up all my groceries I snagged a couple of cheeses that had the "Real California Milk" seal on them (its not even the same one on the Q but it says what it should. Then went up to the front and asked for the Manager. The Store Mgr wasn't in but the Asst. Manager said she could help me so I told her about my experience the other day and then told her the logic that the cheese and milk is all produced in the same place and the cheese has the seal on it so why wouldn't the milk be Real CA milk? She said "Oh of course you can use the coupon" :) Happiness filled me and I went on to the register. The cashier did initially say she wouldn't take it but I said I'd already talked to the manager and she said okay and pushed it right through :) Yay!

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  1. That's cool about the milk! I don't know if I have guts like you though to do the same thing. Unless I just say that my friend already discussed this with the manager and he said it was ok!