Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real CA Milk Coupon -- The Saga

Well, I went to Safeway yesterday and the cashier was not a fan of my Milk coupon... she asked the floor manager who said she'd have to check with the Store Manager... who said he'd let me use them this time only. The milk did not have the seal the coupon mentioned and that was the reasoning. Sigh. I contacted Arizona Savings and she responded super quick with some great advice :) Love her! In short, this coupon is a definite YMMV (your mileage may vary) coupon. The Lucerne cheese at Safeway does have the seal the coupon asks for (go to her site for a link to a Real CA cheese IPQ) -- it also on the milk and cheese states that it is made in Pleasonton, CA...

I am going to talk with the Store Manager myself next time in. If in the end I cannot use it then oh well, I'll continue to do MOST of my shopping at Fry's anyway and by the milk there - without a coupon.

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