Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Coupons --- for sick babies :)

With the babe being sick this week I have realized how EXPENSIVE all the sick gear can be. Here are some coupons that I thought you all would like!

Boogie Wipes 30 Ct. $1/1 -- I found some clearanced at Fry's for $2.39 so with this coupon it would be $1.39. The Boogie Wipes one is a PDF! If the link doesn't work you can go to and get to it that way.

You can also go to for a .55/1 IPQ -- and it can be doubled! I picked up a Little Noses Saline solution drops and a booger sucker (cause really what else do you call the thing) at Fry's for $4.50 -- didn't want to make a trip to Target with a sick kid so I am sure you can find their products for less elsewhere.

And in case you have some extra time to spare read this blog post on writing companies on the products you like. Lots of the comments mention specific companies and what they got (for FREE!) for paying a compliment.

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