Monday, March 29, 2010

Freebies at Fry's

Becky emailed this over and I thought you all should see it! I feel like I've made a million trips to Fry's... but when its free its definately worth it!

I was just wondering if you guys had gotten in on the better than free pasta and the nearly free free Tuna at Frys this week? There are internet printables available for them. $1/5 for the tuna fish and and .75 off 1 for the ronzoni smart taste pasta. And there are three different links for the pasta coupon and you can print 2 on each link so you get 6 coupons per computer. I had 2 computers so I got about 20 pouches of tuna and 12 boxes of pasta for about $3.28 before taxes.

My Southwest Savings Fry's Deals Post HERE

and then they post some more links to the Ronzoni HERE

** I've added this FANTASTIC blog to our side bar so we can all check out the other great deals they post! **
Thanks Becky!

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