Wednesday, July 28, 2010

$3/1 EPT Product IPQ

Here's an IPQ I found over at for $3 off any EPT product

GO HERE to print.

I was able to print it twice. Expires 2/28/11


Sunday, July 25, 2010

My FRY's Trip 7/23/10

The Deals are still going until TUESDAY! And you can get EVEN MORE FREE stuff from the Coupons this Sunday!

FIRST: I Went on ARIZONA SAVINGS to look at her "Favorite Deals" she always posts when the new ad comes out. I printed off some coupons from there, and then my printer ran out of ink... but that's OK I still SAVED lots of Money.

4 Quaker Quakes print here
1 Miracle Whip like on face book here for Coup PLUS a Safeway Q from a Grilling Book they gave out a while ago, I went and asked if they had more and I was lucky, they had to dig them up! IT made it free with some overage..I think .51 cents
1 Olive Oil Kraft Mayo (Q from on top of Miracle Whip.... with overage from other, made it free)
2 SoftSoap print here
3 CREST Toothpaste (Sunday Papers Qs)
4 Spaghettios print here
3 French's Mustard Q from Papers AND Albertson's Q in Ad this week
3 French's Dipping Sauce (SAME)
3 Ivory Body Wash (Sanday Papers Qs)

5 Easy Mac .49 each(no coup, although there is an IP available I believe)


I really wanted to get the Crayons and Markers to get $4 OYNO, but to no avail. They were COMPLETELY out of Crayons, in the warehouse TOO. But the ad in the Sunday paper advertized them I don't know peeps! Good Luck!

Do you have ENSURE coupons?

Wonderful Readers:

Teensy favor to ask -- my sweet grandma drinks a ridiculous amount of Ensure each day. And my amazing mother would L-O-V-E any Ensure coupons that you have to share! Two different ones came out in today's SS insert. So if you won't be using them please send them my way!

Email me and I will pass on my info: thebucknerfamily (at) gmail . com


FREE Crest Toothpaste

Well this past week I headed to Fry's to use up the 6 MQs I had for Crest toothpaste. They are on sale for $1 and they doubled my .50/1 MQ making them free!

Even better? I grabbed the regular kind that came with a bonus travel size on top... inside the travel size box were MORE MQs! $7/1 Crest White strips (there is an eQ on the Fry's website that you can load to your card -- a $14 total savings when used together!) BUT even BETTER in my book were the .75/1 MQs for MORE of the $1 variety! YAY! So I went back last night to score some MORE free toothpaste. I was only able to get 4 of the bonus pack kind and 2 whitening variety. But the 4 bonus packs came with more coupons!

So CHECK OUT the Crest aisle to see if you can find this variety and score free toothpaste, free coupons and MORE free toothpaste! And if you can't use it donate it to a local shelter, etc. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fry's Clearance

Frys clearance is looking so GOOD! I am addicted to checking it out whenever I venture into Frys. And since I live just down the road and pass it a few times a day is A LOT!

The Fry's Marketplace on Pinal Ave has clearance located throughout the store. The biggest section is over by the 'home' department near the furniture. They generally have 2 -3 tables set up. Clearance tables are also currently located in front of the toy dept. by the new US Bank and a new one popped up in the dairy area of all places! They initially clearance items to 50% and then to 75%. Depending on the item it is safe to wait out the time in between mark downs. I always get a thrill out of watching an item for a few weeks and then finding it the day they mark it down even further!

Clearance finds will include everything from home decor, sheets and furniture to baby items, gum, makeup and toys. I recently even saw Shark Pocket Mops down to $50 (reg $119) b/c they were the display models. If only I had known then that mine would break!

Some of my BEST deals have come from the Fry's Clearance section... so be sure to check yours out regularly! Start thinking Christmas gifts and storing away some good finds that can make great birthday, etc gifts all year long! A $10 (or less) clearance find will beat a $20 day-of-rushing-cause-you-can't-show-up-without-anything gift!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Glade Candles on Clearance @ Fry's

I found some great deals on Glade candles in the clearance bins at Fry's the other day. They had macintosh apple and orange vanilla ones, which both smell delicious!! They were originally priced at $3.14 each and were on clearance for $1.59. You can also print a coupon here for $2 off any 2 Glade 4 oz. candles.

So, final price for each candle = $.59

Hopefully there are some left at the Fry's you shop at!

Amazing deals

Is anyone else loving the amazing deals around this week!

My favorite deal?

4 Pepsi 2L .69 each with Safeway .69 ea Pepsi/7Up 2L store coupon (limit 4) (wyb 10 participating items -- only .19 each!)
5 Kraft Cheese 8 oz bags 1.49 ea (wyb 10 participating items)
1 any other item participating. I found Loreal Vive shampoo on clearance for $1.67 -$1 MQ = .67 (and it was participating in the sale so only .17 after!

And I earned $5 OYNO! Hello savings!

In other G-R-E-A-T news I finally organized my coupon binder and have kept it that way for nearly a whole week! YAY! I feel so empowered walking into a store knowing exactly what coupons I have. I just couldn't cut the file system... maybe I never gave it my best. But the rule of couponing is do what works best for YOU! And for me my ultra organized time consuming binder makes me happy and helps me save WAY more $$ than any other way (for me)

Last day for eParty Orders!


Last day to head on over to Little Pea Boutique and score FREE SHIPPING on tons of fabulous bows, headbands, clippies for that beautiful little girl of yours (or your friends, or heck, even for yourself!)

Remember to put my name 'Julie Buckner' in the sellers notes section when you check out! PLEASE, oh PLEASE!

Here are some of my favorites:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coupon Class Tonight!

Okay, I don't really want A BAGILLION (not sure if that's a real # but you get the point) people at my house but I wanted to remind those who have received invites for the coupon class that it is TONIGHT! Don't feel sad if you haven't heard about it -- for obvious reasons I don't want to post my address on the blog. So if you know me, my email, a friend of a friend of mine... you know how to track me down and get it :)

Oh, and please don't expect to learn everything in one night. Cause it ain't happening :) But we can all learn a little more together :) See you there!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Pea Boutique E-Party & DEAL!!

Check out this INCREDIBLE deal at Little Pea Boutique!

Use promo code RAIN to score 50% off all orders TODAY ONLY! And as always, free shipping! I love this little etsy shop! Their headbands are adorable... and my little miss looks so dolled up!

I am hosting an e-party so make sure to put my name (Julie Buckner) in the sellers notes section!! Please, Please!!


Also I just received an update from Little Pea Boutique PLEASE NOTE:
You can allow your guests to use the RAIN code, however, for etsy transactions they must complete the transaction including payment and then the 50% gets refunded to them via Paypal. Unfortunately etsy does not offer sellers a way to offer discounts etc. to our customers so this is the only way we can do it. Also, the RAIN special ends tonight at midnight so make sure you let them know that as well.