Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I went to Albertsons today and got 6 Betty Crocker Delight Dessert bowls and mini bowls for a total of $.08. It will go through Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FREE Odwalla Granola Bars and an update on Fry's Toy Clearance

Yesterday I went to Fry's to clean up on all the free pasta! My deals ended up doing great here is what I got:

6 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Speghetti - .75/1 IPQ -- 12 cents overage each!
6 Scotch Brite Cleaning Pads - .75/2 MQ -- FREE (check out the previous post link to My Southwest Savings)
2 Wesson Oil - $1/1 MQ I got in the mail -- .99 cents each
2 Digornio Pizza - cause we love them and I needed 8 items no Qs: $3.97 each
2 Bear Creek Granola Bars - $1/1 MQ from freebie mailer -- FREE
2 Odwalla Granola Bars - .50/1 MQ in the free magazine next to them! -- FREE
1 big blue tote on sale $4.50 - $2 eQ from Fry's (softcoin) website = $2.50
Total with tax: $12.60

Does your Fry's have a natural/organic foods section? Mine does and it had this little stand with free magazines. Go to page 7 and you'll find a .50/1 MQ for Odwalla Granola Bars. These little guys are on sale for $1 each right now (not sure if it'll be the same way after the sale ends tonight so HURRY!) Tear out the coupon and pick up a snack... for FREE! It doesn't get any easier than this! There are other coupons in there too...

Also, I scanned the toy clearance again.... lots of toys for boys available still! Some of the girl ones that I mentioned the other day are pretty picked over but its worth a stop if you are in CG!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Freebies at Fry's

Becky emailed this over and I thought you all should see it! I feel like I've made a million trips to Fry's... but when its free its definately worth it!

I was just wondering if you guys had gotten in on the better than free pasta and the nearly free free Tuna at Frys this week? There are internet printables available for them. $1/5 for the tuna fish and and .75 off 1 for the ronzoni smart taste pasta. And there are three different links for the pasta coupon and you can print 2 on each link so you get 6 coupons per computer. I had 2 computers so I got about 20 pouches of tuna and 12 boxes of pasta for about $3.28 before taxes.

My Southwest Savings Fry's Deals Post HERE

and then they post some more links to the Ronzoni HERE

** I've added this FANTASTIC blog to our side bar so we can all check out the other great deals they post! **
Thanks Becky!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Deed Challenge

Like I posted about earlier I made a run to Fry's :) But this trip not only left me with the "I saved WAY more money than I spent" high it also left me with that wonderful warm feeling of doing something nice. After going all the way through the check out I realized I forgotten some of the things my hubby told me to get. So back into the store I went to pick up the 3 things I needed. While standing at the self check out I eyed another person's cart and saw they were buying Toaster Streudel (however you spell it). I had picked one up earlier too at the not so great price of $2.19 - .35/1 MQ (tripled to $1) = $1.19. At the time I noticed that a few of my coupons for this item would be expiring on Saturday.... Now when I saw the items in the cart and quickly did the math that I had the amount of coupons they needed I froze. These people are going to think I am crazy! Who just walks up to another person and hands them a coupon? I didn't want them to feel like I was weird but I got over it and and went over the lady and handed her the coupons and told her they would get tripled and give her a buck off each of the items. She was so happy! I think I may have made her day :)

So here is my good deed challenge to you: give away some coupons. If you know you aren't going to use them and the expiration is coming up why not hand them out to some un-suspecting grocery shopper on your next trip :)

The great feeling you get from it will be worth it!

The Real Coupon Deal

Collin over at Hip2Save posted an AMAZING (and lengthy) explanation of how coupons work!

Go check it out HERE! Call it continuing education!

My favorite tid bit?

In 2009 brands issued 367 billion coupons, at an average face value of $1.44 (That’s a total of $528.5 Billion)!

Out of those coupons above, a total of $3.5 billion worth of coupons were redeemed.That sounds like a lot, but compared to the $528.5 Billion that were available– that’s less than .7%!

Cheap Games at Target!

Yesterday I braved the store to go cash in on some great deals. I had hoped to pick up Toy Story and Toy Story 2 combo packs for just 7.99, but they only had Toy Story not TS2. Grr! I'll probably end up price matching Babies R Us at Walmart and get them for 6.99 with my coupon. Want to know more about this deal? Go HERE or HERE.

*UPDATE* I went back to Target on Friday afternoon and both TS and TS2 were there! They have fully stocked shelves so you can go there instead of chancing the price match drama at Walmart!
Since that deal was a bust I was happy to salvage the trip with these great game deals:

1 - Monopoly on sale $7 - $5 IPQ = $2
1 - Monopoly Deal Card game $5.24 - $5 IPQ = .24
2 - Connect 4 on sale $7 - $4 IPQ = $3 each!

I also ran to Fry's to cash in on the great deals the girls posted about. I spent $50 but saved $130! My cart was full! Definately one of my best shopping days. In the clearance section over by the home stuff they had A  LOT of toys clearanced. I found little Barbie Kelly dolls for $2.20 and My Little Pony Ice cream toys for just $1.40. They had lots of other ones too but those were the cheapest so they fit my budget perfectly!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Coupons --- for sick babies :)

With the babe being sick this week I have realized how EXPENSIVE all the sick gear can be. Here are some coupons that I thought you all would like!

Boogie Wipes 30 Ct. $1/1 -- I found some clearanced at Fry's for $2.39 so with this coupon it would be $1.39. The Boogie Wipes one is a PDF! If the link doesn't work you can go to and get to it that way.

You can also go to for a .55/1 IPQ -- and it can be doubled! I picked up a Little Noses Saline solution drops and a booger sucker (cause really what else do you call the thing) at Fry's for $4.50 -- didn't want to make a trip to Target with a sick kid so I am sure you can find their products for less elsewhere.

And in case you have some extra time to spare read this blog post on writing companies on the products you like. Lots of the comments mention specific companies and what they got (for FREE!) for paying a compliment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Deals at Fry's

Along with the Lunchable's that Cami mentioned...
(These are all part of the buy 8, get $4 off)
Item Price Price after $4 off 8 items Final Price after coupon
Bumble Bee Tuna pouch .99..... .49
Dial Soap 1.50 .....1.00 ...... .30
Barilla sour cream 1.89...... 1.39 ........ .39
Del monte tomatoes .99 ..... .49...... .25
Lysol Netra air 2.49...... 1.99 ...... .49
Irish Spring - 3 pack 1.49 ........ .99 ....... .49
Oscar hot dogs .99
No coupon for the hot dogs, but I bought 6 packs today and for every two hot dog packs I got a coupon for $2 off my next basically it paid for itself and was FREE. (all six packs)

That's a few good finds for now! Have fun shopping!


If you haven't already dug into your SUNDAY paper for the Coupons do it quick!!!

There is a $1 Off Lunchable Coupon in there that can be used at FRY's before TUESDAY to get a Lunchable for FREE as long as you buy 8 Participating items!!! I am sending my Mother-in-law to the store before the sale ends, because I plan on having my baby SOON!!!

4 More Huggies Coupons

Yeah, I am thrilled with this new discovery... Did you already print the $3/1 Huggies Diaper coupon I posted about on Friday? Well get ready to print 4 more!

Arizona Savings links to one on her site HERE for becoming a Friend on Facebook... :) Print twice.

then go on over to

Hip2Save's site and print the one she links to HERE! Print Twice (use your back button)

I was able to print both of these today no problem! Hooray!

**Don't buy diapers? Print them and give them to a friend!**

This Weekend's Great Deals

I had a very successful day with my coupons Saturday. Not only did I get a great deal on TWO pairs of jeans for little guy at Old Navy pairing a great sale with the 30% Give & Get coupon... but he also got new onsies at Kohls :) I {heart} that store! And with a gift card... free is better :)

Now onto the REAL savings...


They were totally out of the Snug & Dry diapers in the sizes I was willing to buy. So I picked up Huggies Little Movers - not part of the 2 for $17 but still only $8.99 package -- paired with my Target Coupon and MQ I got them for $4.50 a pack! I am still happy with it.


I loaded up my Safeway card with LOTS of eQs from P&G esaver (check out the side bar on Arizona Savings blog for the link) -- you have to add your Safeway card (Make sure to click save!!) and then you'll see all the WONDERFUL coupons :)

Deals that I got:
FREE Ivory Soap  - $1 eQ pgesaver
6.99 Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test - $5 eQ, -$1 MQ
1.99 Jennie O Ground Turkey (on sale -- I picked up 8 packages)
FREE Blistex Chapsticks -.35/1 MQ
1.19 MILK!!! :) - .55/1 Real CA Milk IPQ (see previous post for link)
1.19 Mission Tortillas -.75/1 IPQ (there is a MQ out now too)
.25 Hormel Chili - $1.50/3 MQ (These were on sale for .75/ea if you bought at least four. I got 9 and used my 3 coupons and picked them up for .25 each and will be on eBay later to get more Qs!)

FREE Suave Shampoo - Free Store Coupon
FREE Lay's Chips - Free Store Coupon
FREE Double Stuff Oreos - Free Store Coupon
(I got all three of these coupons on a mailing on Saturday... used them the same day! I'll post a pic in a bit of it! Did you get yours?)

How I used the Milk Coupon: After I picked up all my groceries I snagged a couple of cheeses that had the "Real California Milk" seal on them (its not even the same one on the Q but it says what it should. Then went up to the front and asked for the Manager. The Store Mgr wasn't in but the Asst. Manager said she could help me so I told her about my experience the other day and then told her the logic that the cheese and milk is all produced in the same place and the cheese has the seal on it so why wouldn't the milk be Real CA milk? She said "Oh of course you can use the coupon" :) Happiness filled me and I went on to the register. The cashier did initially say she wouldn't take it but I said I'd already talked to the manager and she said okay and pushed it right through :) Yay!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Free / Cheap Stuff at Safeway!

Today I ventured out to Safeway searching for FREE stuff. I think I did pretty well considering I had my 2 kids with me (personally, I think Logan is crazy enough to count for 3 kids myself ...) and I found these deals all by myself!
I got:
3 Colgate Total boxes of toothpaste:
FREE with my 3 coupons that was made a dollar.
3 boxes of Ivory 3 Pack bars of soap:
FREE with my 3 coupons that was made a dollar.
Then there was a Suave Body Wash sale:
Buy 4, Get them for $1.25 each.
So I got 3 Suave Body Washes (for adults) - used $1 off any Suave Body Wash coupon
and 2 Suave Kid Body Washes -used $0.50/2 Suave Kids Body Wash that was doubled to a dollar. So I ended up paying $2.25 for all 5 body washes.
I could have put 1 regular body was away and save me a dollar, but I had the coupon so I just added it to the cart.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

$4 Huggies Diaper Deal at Target

Yep, you read that right :) And its not even that difficult (compared to the Walgreens RR craziness a few weeks ago).

So here is how it works. Huggies Snug & Dry diapers are currently on sale at Target 2 for $17.

Go HERE to score a super *HOT* $3/1  ANY HUGGIES Diapers! ANY! (expires 4/1/2010)
and don't worry it is a Manufacturer's Coupon and doesn't say Safeway on it :) -- Print twice!!

Then go over to HERE to Target's site and print the $1.50/1 Any Huggies Diaper Coupon. This is a store coupon so it can be "stacked" with the manufacturer coupon. PRINT TWICE! (Note* I printed mine a month or so ago and didn't see it when I checked to see if it reset... so hopefully it hasn't disappeared. Even so - you'll get 2 packs of diapers for $11 without it... still a good deal!)

When you go the register give the cashier your FOUR coupons for your TWO packs of diapers

End result? TWO packages of Huggies Diapers for $8 plus tax...

:) Feeling HAPPY aren't you? Don't wait too long b/c this sale ends Saturday!

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are also on sale 2 for $17 pair this with the $2/1 MQ from the Red Plum insert from 3/14 paper and you'll get each Jumbo pack for $6.50 plus tax.

Real CA Milk Coupon -- The Saga

Well, I went to Safeway yesterday and the cashier was not a fan of my Milk coupon... she asked the floor manager who said she'd have to check with the Store Manager... who said he'd let me use them this time only. The milk did not have the seal the coupon mentioned and that was the reasoning. Sigh. I contacted Arizona Savings and she responded super quick with some great advice :) Love her! In short, this coupon is a definite YMMV (your mileage may vary) coupon. The Lucerne cheese at Safeway does have the seal the coupon asks for (go to her site for a link to a Real CA cheese IPQ) -- it also on the milk and cheese states that it is made in Pleasonton, CA...

I am going to talk with the Store Manager myself next time in. If in the end I cannot use it then oh well, I'll continue to do MOST of my shopping at Fry's anyway and by the milk there - without a coupon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bake Sweet Memories

Go on over HERE to load 5 Betty Crocker coupons to your Safeway card! These include a $1/1 Betty Crocker Delights or Mini-Delights! That could mean FREE!

Once you sign in click on coupons on the top of the page and you'll be able to add your store card # and then click to "Save to Card" :)

And remember you can "stack" these e-coupons with your regular manufacturer coupons for BIG savings!

Red Plum Insert in Wednesday's Paper!

Cami just let me know she found a Red Plum insert in today (Wednesday's) paper! WHAT!? Hurry, did your Republic which you probably have already thrown into your recycling bin out and find the insert! She stated that there are some good coupons... even Pampers!

What is even better about this? You can buy a weekday paper at the grocery store for around 50 or 75 cents! If this deal is confirmed and Cami just didn't win the coupon lottery... I am headed to Fry's to stock up!

Please leave a comment telling if the insert was in your paper today as well...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Milk Coupon!

I found this coupon over at -- she is amazing! She also shows you a really great Betty Crocker catalina deal to get 10 cent overage for fruit snacks :)

This coupon link is for a PDF for .55 any one half gallon or gallon of milk that is "Real CA" milk. I've only seen her use these at Safeway on Lucerne so they are probably the only ones that carry this kind. The coupon does not expire until... wait for it... JAN of 2011!

Hooray for cheap milk!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Albertson's is TRIPLING this week!

Cami went by Albertson's this weekend and discovered that Albertson's is doubling and tripling coupons up to $1 this week! It's not even advertised :)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cami's first BIG COUPON experience!

Ok, First of all, I wrote down every single item that I either SHORTCUT or CELLFIRE. Then I made sure that I had a MFR coup to go along with it and of course to make sure it was on sale...I went to The website was totally helpful, just to get my mind straightened out because it was kinda frazzled and overwhelmed with all of the different products and different stores.

My best DEALS were from..... drum roll please...


4 Boxes Fruit Roll-ups .25 ea = $1
6 64 oz. Motts Apple Juice .99 ea = $594
2 5-lb bags of Red Potatoes .99 ea = $1.98
1 box NV Granola Bars .10
2 NV Nut Clusters .50 ea = $1
1 BC Cookie Mix 1.19
1 BC Frosting .89
1 BC Cake Mix .74
1 BC Potatoes .79
7 Kellogg's Cereal .50 ea = $3.50
1 Kellogg's Clever Kid Fruit Snack-- FREE coup from HERE
Barilla Pasta F - R - E - E
2 Lunchables F - R - E - E coup from HERE
4 Salad Bags .99 = $3.96
1 Maries Dressing F - R - E - E coup from HERE

Total w/Tax $19.47

Total Savings w/Sales $93.87

Whaaaaa- HOO! Pretty good for a rookie eh? Well, I am not done yet, and it's not as great as this one. (Please note that I had to go back into Safeway 3 times just to get my 6 Apple Juice because of the 2 limit.)


2 Fiber One Yogurt $1 (I got one FREE)
1 BC Potatoes 1.78
3 Chex Mix .66 ea = $2
2 Dawn 1.49 ea = $2.98
1 Yoplait 32 oz. Yogurt 1.45 (I forgot to give my additional coup on top of SHORTCUTS)
2 Charmin 12 Big Rolls 5.49 ea = 10.98 (NOT a good deal...: (

Total w/tax $18.41

Total Savings w/Sales $28.39


4 Starburst Jelly Beans 1.00 ea = $4
1 Small Dawn .74
3 Glade Spray .99 ea = $2.97

Total w/Tax $7.71

Total Savings w/Sales $13.25

Grand Total $46.49


Ok, so when you look at the savings it looks like I did really good. I think there are still some things that I need to work on, but for the most part, it was totally worth the time organizing everything!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Emergency Essentials - 72 Hour Kit Giveaway!

Do you read the Emergency Essentials blog? You totally should! Not only do they have great and practical food storage ideas, recipes and information they have LOTS of giveaways! They are currently giving away one of their 72 Hour Emergency Kits (a $86.82 value!)... go on over HERE to learn more and enter for your chance to win.

Think you can't win? I've won two different $10 gift cards before! Which c'mon ladies is FREE food storage!

** Entry closes on 3/17/10 **

Old Navy

I went to Michaels yesterday and drove by Old Navy.

The sale is on!!
Take an additional 50% off all clearance items.
I went ahead and went in and got a few things even though I didn't have a coupon. I wish I would have waited though. Because, you can go to and get coupons to make this sale even better. Here are the coupon locations if you are interested (taken from For The Mommas blog.)
$15 off $75 purchase – Click Amy’s face (girl on the left) and then Kelly’s face (blonde on the right).
$10 off $50 purchase – Click on the yellow t-shirt and then jeans below it.
$5 off $25 purchase – Click on the pink striped shirt, then on the jeans below it. Click on the shirt again, then click on eva’s face (girl in the big circle).
15% off entire purchase – Click on the blue striped tank in the middle and then the jeans below it. Close out of the 10% coupon and click on Amy’s picture (the girl in the large circle on the right).
10% off entire purchase – Click on the blue striped tank in the middle and then the jeans below it.

Mission Tortilla Coupons

I was really excited this past Sunday when I saw a .75/1 Mission Tortilla coupon in my Sunday paper. We use them ALL the time and they do go on sale quite often! I was EVEN MORE excited when I saw I could get two more coupons over HERE. You do need to provide your email address... but I just unchecked the boxes requesting emails and printed my coupon :)

I can't imagine that this one will last long -- so hurry and print yours today!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My super savings!

Fry's on Tuesday (before the sale ended)
6 boxes Barilla Pasta - FREE with MQ
3 boxes Knorr Gelatin - FREE with MQ
2 Nut Clusters - FREE (12 cents overage each!) - with cell fire and short cuts eQs and MQ
1 Mini Delights - FREE with MQ
18 Eggs - 1.99
Total Cost: 2.98 with tax

Safeway on Wednesday
9 cans Rosarita beans -- 48 cents each with MQ
3 boxes Quaker Squares Cereal - FREE with MQ
3 bottles Marie's Salad Dressing - FREE with MQ
2 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars - .50 each with MQ
2 bags Broccoli Stir Fry Veggies - .99 each with sale
3 packs of Ivory Soap - FREE with MQ
Total Cost: $7.30 with tax

Target on Wednesday
2 Kids Crest Toothpaste -- FREE with MQ and Target coupon + .26 cents overage each!
10 Johnson's Buddies Bath Bars FREE with MQ
3 Reach Floss - FREE with MQ
1 pair kids pants 3.50 (clearance, no coupon)
Total Cost: 5.29 with tax

Now that is some serious savings!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kellogg's Snack Printables

I got an email today from Kellogg's Snack Picks and it had a link to get some *high value* printable coupons. I only could print one of each! Bummer! If you like what you see then go on over HERE to sign up for the snack picks e-newsletter. Just click on 'Continue to Coupons' and then select register.

$1/1 any package of Keebler Wheatables Crackers (8.5 oz or larger) expires 4/9/10
$1/1 any package of Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks (6 ct. or larger) expires 4/24/10
.75/1 any package of Cheez-It Italian Four Cheese Baked Snack Crackers (13.7 oz) expires 5/9/10 (this one does NOT exclude being doubled! Yay!
$1/1 any package of Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cheesecake Middles (8.5 oz or larger) ezpires 5/5/10

Grocery Store Match Ups 3/10 - 3/16

Alright I think we should make this a weekly group effort. We all find out about different deals and I thought we could share them in one big post! If you find out any great deals (even ones without coupons - like inexpensive meats, etc.) just add them to the list.


(Must Buy 7 Total of participating products to get this discount) Buy 7, Save $3 Promo:
Aunt Jemima Syrup 24 oz. $1/2 MQ = $1.07 each
Quaker Oatmeal $1/1 MQ = .57 each

Safeway - All Coupons are worth $1 this week

Rosarita Refried Beans .50/3 = .46 cents each
Kettle Chips $1/2 = $2.00 each
Ivory Soap .25/1 = FREE

(Must Buy 5 Total of participating products to get this discount) Buy 5, Save $5 Promo:
Oatmeal Squares $1/1 MQ = FREE
Nature Valley Granola Bars .40/1 = .50 each

(Must Buy 5 Total of participating products to get this discount) Produce Buy 5, Save $5 Promo:
Marie Salad Dressing $1/1 MQ = FREE

Saturday Only! --> Mott's Apple Juice 64 oz. only 99 cents!

** Not sure if the two Buy 5 events will be combined. **


Anyone see any great deals this week?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Target Coupons - Kids Spring Savings

Have you checked out the new coupons over at Check them out HERE.

Hip2Save posted about FREE kids crest toothpaste... print the $1 off Kids' Toothpaste Target coupon and pair this with the $1 or .75 cent MQ from the Sunday paper to get it free! Currently priced at 1.75 (according to Hip2Save... I've noticed prices posted by her generally are lower than local prices)

You can also get these FANTASTIC Target store coupons in the 'Kids Spring Savings' section of the coupons:

$1 off Hanes Kids apparel
$3 off Disney DVD or Blue Ray (Snow White, Tinkerbell, G-Force or Up)
$1 off Band-Aid bandages (exludes trial size) -- Pair this with MQ for REAL savings!
$5 off $30 purchase or more Cherokee or Circo brand apparel

plus more!

Free Today

Trisha emailed this to me to add to the blog :) Thank you!!

These are some deals that I found today at the store that I did not see advertised:

Fry's: Barilla pasta - I got 6 for free. Three were whole grain, and three were the picollini (small) pasta.

Safeway: Ivory bar soap - free after coupon.

Safeway -- 99 cent Mott's Apple Juice

Did you get your grocery ads already? Suprisingly I got mine yesterday in my mailbox... that never happens! There are a lot of deals to look forward to... HUGE Quaker sale at Albertsons and this Saturday at Safeway you can score 64 oz of Mott's Apple Juice for only 99 cents! That beats Walmart!

I have been scouring the internet looking for a coupon for the Mott's and cannot find one! Hopefully I will by Saturday because free would be great, but I will take 99 cents! Hello food storage and our 3 month supply!

New Moon Coupon!

Yep, those coupon makers have got us pegged! We love coupons and vampire love stories :) Right now Red Plum has three different coupons for New Moon... but all of them require an additional purchase. So it is up to you whether its a good deal or  not.

Coupon #1: Save $16 When you buy: The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Astro Boy, Bandslam, Twilight in Forks (DVD or Blu-Ray)

Coupon #2: Save $5 When you buy The Twilight Saga: New Moon (DVD or Blu-Ray) Plus one of the following: Astro Boy, Bandslam, Twilight in Forks)
*** This is the one I am most likely to use. There is also a $3 printable for Astro Boy... I may try to use both in one transaction and see how that goes. ***

Coupon #3: Save $10 When you buy The Twilight Saga: New Moon (DVD or Blu-Ray) Plus 2 of the following: Astro Boy, Bandslam, Twilight in Forks

Check them out over here:

While there make sure to print the $1 off any Johnson's Baby product coupon. You can use this coupon at Target to get a FREE Johnson's Bath Buddies bar found on the baby aisle! They also have Johnson's Baby wash on sale this week for 2 for $6... print two coupons and you can get them 2 for $4!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Museums on Us -- Bank of America

Do you have a Bank of America account? If you don't I'd recommend signing up for one because I just found out the first full weekend of every month you can get free admission into one of our local participating museums! This includes the Phoenix Zoo! Once a month! All you have to do is show your ATM/debit card! Find out more at the Bank of America site: HERE.

Where'd I find out? Saving Money in Arizona's blog... Thank you, Thank you!

Go check out all the other great deals:

Friday, March 5, 2010

1st Shopping Trip a Success!

Yesterday I ventured out and attempted my first {big} grocery shopping trip with my coupon binder. Honestly, I was slightly stressed out but I made a plan and crossed my fingers!

In the end I actually did pretty well, with only a few "rookie" mistakes! Typically, my big grocery bill is about $150 every 3 or 4 weeks. When I was checking out my total BEFORE my Fry's card and coupons were scanned was $158 - so we were already starting off well! After all of my coupons and Fry's card was scanned, the total was $91! A savings of $67 or 39%. I was totally thrilled! (Not to mention that I bought about $13 of Food Storage supplies that I normally do not buy!)

My favorite sales were:

3 bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts $4.47/bag (savings of $5.42 per bag!)
Nature Valley Granola Bars $0.48 ($1.88 - $0.40 cellfire coupon -$.50 printable coupon doubled)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights $0.20 ($1.50 - $0.50 cellfire coupon - $0.40 printable doubled*)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $0.10 ($1.50 - $0.40 cellfire coupon - $0.50 printable doubled*)
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $FREE$ ($0.99 - $0.50 printable coupon doubled)
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.00 ($1.50 - $0.50 printable coupon doubled)
Cheerios $FREE$ (from a Fry's coupon they mailed me!)

My Rookie Mistake:

Julie posted about the $1.77 Gold Medal flour the other day. So I printed my 2 coupons and put 2 flours in my cart.


The good news is that I only paid $1.77 for each one and not $4. I will be going back today and buying MORE flour at that $1.02 price.

*** One thing that I did notice, is that some of my printable coupons said "DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE" at the top, and the computer still automatically doubled each coupon. We will have to see if they make my flour coupon a dollar! ***

Thursday, March 4, 2010

KMart Doubles - Not in CG

I emailed the customer relations department for KMart today regarding the upcoming April Double Coupon event. CG is not one of the participating stores. Here is what they sent to me:

Dear Julie Buckner,

Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Double Coupon Event. We
appreciate your interest in this promotion.

Kmart will be offering Double Coupon Events from 04/04/10 - 04/10/10.
Please know that the following stores in Arizona are NOT participating:
2250 HIGHWAY 95 STE 256 BULLHEAD CITY AZ Unit # 3375
2840 E MAIN ST MESA AZ Unit # 3188

All other stores in Arizona are participating.
Below are details regarding the Event:
Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value
Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your business
and value you as a Sears Holdings customer. We certainly hope you will
continue to make Sears Holdings your choice for quality and value.

Elizabeth A.,
Retail Customer Care
Sears Holdings Corporation

I think this store is participating (at least I didn't find it on their list) SO... If you really want to cash in on the KMart coupon fun you'll need to go to Tucson...

7055 East Broadway

Tucson, AZ 85710

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gold Medal Flour Sale + Coupons (Frys!)

On Wednesday (tomorrow) Gold Medal Flour 5 lb. bags go on sale for $1.77/ea at Frys....

Want an even better deal? Pair this with the .75/1 Gold Medal Flour coupon from

I printed this yesterday twice but the print limits will be reached soon so go get yours NOW!

I can't remember but this coupon may not exclude being doubled. Which means you can get a 5lb bag of flour for just 77 cents! What a deal!

FREE Purex Laundry Detergent

AMAZING! If you thought last week's laundry detergent deal was great this one is even better!

Right now Walgreens has Purex 32 load laundry detergent on sale Buy One at 5.99 Get One FREE.
Pair this with your Buy One Get One Purex coupon from the 2/21 paper and you'll get them both for free!

Lindsay B. and I both went and did this at different Walgreens and it worked! I picked up 6 Purex Laundry Detergents. My total was just over $19.00 then I gave the cashier my coupons and my new total: $1.56! (Just the tax!!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

50% off Clearance at Old Navy!

I love this sale! If you didn't already stock up on Old Navy clothes last time they had this sale make sure to head over today or tomorrow to score an ADDITIONAL 50% off of Clearance prices!

Thanks, Hip2Save!

UPDATE: Several of us went out yesterday and discovered that Old Navy is NOT having this sale! Bummer! Maybe its going on somewhere else in the country. But NOT at the Casa Grande or Ray Rd. Old Navy stores!