Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FREE Odwalla Granola Bars and an update on Fry's Toy Clearance

Yesterday I went to Fry's to clean up on all the free pasta! My deals ended up doing great here is what I got:

6 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Speghetti - .75/1 IPQ -- 12 cents overage each!
6 Scotch Brite Cleaning Pads - .75/2 MQ -- FREE (check out the previous post link to My Southwest Savings)
2 Wesson Oil - $1/1 MQ I got in the mail -- .99 cents each
2 Digornio Pizza - cause we love them and I needed 8 items no Qs: $3.97 each
2 Bear Creek Granola Bars - $1/1 MQ from freebie mailer -- FREE
2 Odwalla Granola Bars - .50/1 MQ in the free magazine next to them! -- FREE
1 big blue tote on sale $4.50 - $2 eQ from Fry's (softcoin) website = $2.50
Total with tax: $12.60

Does your Fry's have a natural/organic foods section? Mine does and it had this little stand with free magazines. Go to page 7 and you'll find a .50/1 MQ for Odwalla Granola Bars. These little guys are on sale for $1 each right now (not sure if it'll be the same way after the sale ends tonight so HURRY!) Tear out the coupon and pick up a snack... for FREE! It doesn't get any easier than this! There are other coupons in there too...

Also, I scanned the toy clearance again.... lots of toys for boys available still! Some of the girl ones that I mentioned the other day are pretty picked over but its worth a stop if you are in CG!


  1. I got my free Ronzoni yesterday too! Thanks for posting the links. I also browsed the toy clearance. Unfortunately there wasn't anything that really wowed me.

  2. Awesome find with the odwalla bars! I'm going to have to go get some!