Friday, March 26, 2010

Cheap Games at Target!

Yesterday I braved the store to go cash in on some great deals. I had hoped to pick up Toy Story and Toy Story 2 combo packs for just 7.99, but they only had Toy Story not TS2. Grr! I'll probably end up price matching Babies R Us at Walmart and get them for 6.99 with my coupon. Want to know more about this deal? Go HERE or HERE.

*UPDATE* I went back to Target on Friday afternoon and both TS and TS2 were there! They have fully stocked shelves so you can go there instead of chancing the price match drama at Walmart!
Since that deal was a bust I was happy to salvage the trip with these great game deals:

1 - Monopoly on sale $7 - $5 IPQ = $2
1 - Monopoly Deal Card game $5.24 - $5 IPQ = .24
2 - Connect 4 on sale $7 - $4 IPQ = $3 each!

I also ran to Fry's to cash in on the great deals the girls posted about. I spent $50 but saved $130! My cart was full! Definately one of my best shopping days. In the clearance section over by the home stuff they had A  LOT of toys clearanced. I found little Barbie Kelly dolls for $2.20 and My Little Pony Ice cream toys for just $1.40. They had lots of other ones too but those were the cheapest so they fit my budget perfectly!


  1. You didn't happen to notice any boy toys or outdoor type toys? I wonder if they clearance the same stuff at each store... Our Frys MarketPlace is up on Tangerine which is a drive for me, but would be worth it for some deals!!

  2. I have tried to ad match babies r us/toys r us at the CG walmart and they will not do it because there is none of those in CG. Have you been able to do it?

  3. I did notice they had other toys that were for older boys and I saw a few Playschool infant - 18 month toys. But all of them were about $5 - $9. I think the clearance would vary from store to store depending on what they had in overstock. If you were planning on a Fry's trip to stock up on the March to Savings event I would check it out, but I wouldn't drive too far out of your way.

  4. I haven't tried to ad match Babies R Us yet. That is a bummer! Don't they realize we shop in places other than CG too? Maybe I will take my chances at Target to see if they'll add match first.

  5. I was going to try price matching babies R Us at target tonight for the toy story deal. I hope it works.