Monday, March 22, 2010

Deals at Fry's

Along with the Lunchable's that Cami mentioned...
(These are all part of the buy 8, get $4 off)
Item Price Price after $4 off 8 items Final Price after coupon
Bumble Bee Tuna pouch .99..... .49
Dial Soap 1.50 .....1.00 ...... .30
Barilla sour cream 1.89...... 1.39 ........ .39
Del monte tomatoes .99 ..... .49...... .25
Lysol Netra air 2.49...... 1.99 ...... .49
Irish Spring - 3 pack 1.49 ........ .99 ....... .49
Oscar hot dogs .99
No coupon for the hot dogs, but I bought 6 packs today and for every two hot dog packs I got a coupon for $2 off my next basically it paid for itself and was FREE. (all six packs)

That's a few good finds for now! Have fun shopping!


  1. Is the Oscar Meyer catalina still printing? I thought it was over Sunday 3/21? My Fry's was all out of hot dogs, but I'll try again if the catalina is still working. :)

  2. I went to Fry's to cash in on the Oscar Meyer hot dog deal yesterday and didn't get the catalinas. So I think the deal is over now. Just a heads up!