Monday, April 12, 2010

Fry's - Starting Wednesday

Did you get your ads today? I did! It feels like Christmas when I get them an extra day early (I usually see them on Tuesday) :)

All coupons will be worth $1 4/14 - 4/20 and it looks like some of the Digital Downloads (Buy 10) event is continuing!

$1.88/lb 93 % lean (2 lb chubs)
88 cent Strawberries!
Snuggle Fabric Softner 2.99! Pair this with $3/1 MQ and its free! It's also part of the Digital Buy 10 event!

What deals did you see?


  1. Yes!!! YES YES!! I went in today, and debated whether or not to get the snuggle....and I didnt. I had a feeling that it would be on sale! Yes! :) How awesome is this?! I have tons of those coupons!!

  2. WOW Thanks! I was planning to go this morning and buy snuggle for $0.99! Now I will wait a day and get it free! awesome! Thanks

  3. Thx for the HU on the Snuggle, we still have time to order more for a great stock up!

    The snuggle that's on Sale for $2.99, this is the 32 load right?


  4. awesome! I also debated on weather to use my snuggle coupons. I decided not to cause the expiration date isn't for a while and I was confident there would be a good sale and sure enough here it is!!