Friday, April 2, 2010

Emergency Essentials -- April Sale Items

Many of us couponers have the goal to not only save our families $$ on our weekly grocery budget, but also to build up our food storage without breaking the bank. I have definately fallen in love with the people over at Emergency Essentials ( - they have monthly specials and offer group discounts as well!

Here are some of the specials that caught my eye this month!

All Mountain House #10 Cans are on sale 20 - 25 % -- Sale ends 4/30/10
 -- These are the Gourmet Food Storage that are "Just Add Water" --
Potato Slices - $4.99/can
SAF Instant Premium Yeast - $2.99
Pinto Beans $7.99/can

Group Specials:
Freeze Dried Broccoli - $10/can
Carrot Dices - $7/can (41% savings)
Freeze Dried Mango Chunks - $16/can

Also, you can save $ and get FREE shipping if you are part of a group and have larger orders. Read all about starting your own group HERE. Also, something I learned this week... you can order anything out of the catalog through your group leader and get it shipped FREE!

Example: My family has been eyeing these 55 gallon water barrels. Normally to have them shipped would be a minimum $9. So right now they are on sale and if I ordered it through my group leader I would also save $9!! AMAZING!

New to Food Storage or don't really no how to get started? A few of us CG Couponista ladies love the tips over at Food Storage Made Easy.

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