Tuesday, April 27, 2010

41 cents for tax

What's that? You'd like me to take this all out of the store for 41 cents? That's exactly what I did today.
Albertsons: 5 paper towels and two toliet papers (with a raincheck for more toliet paper because they are out in CG)
Flipz chocolate covered pretzels
Yoplait greek yogurt
Frys: Lady Speed Stick
Mentos Gum
Tobasco sauce (raincheck - they were out in CG)
Country Crock margarine
Frozen chicken
Protein bars - on clearance table
Chili Masters Chili - not advertized, but $1 in CG
Windex (free after cataling)
Scrubbing Bubbles (free after catalina)
Hershey's bar: B2G2 free - with 2 MC of B1G1 free they are all free
Have fun shopping!


  1. How did you get free paper towels? I can't seem to find any great deals on those!

  2. Trisha! I love your deals! I SOO appreciate you posting which stores are out of what. I hate chasing a deal only to find out that the store is out :) I might need to go get a raincheck on the Paper Towels myself. I haven't seen this kind anywhere before. So happy to see them at Albies!

  3. Amy - The paper towels were from Albertsons. I used the $1 off MC on a marcal product and they were free. They were 10/$10 this week. Good luck!

  4. hmm where can you find that coupon? I'm really enjoying following your blog! I found you from AZ Savings and I found her when she added me to her blogroll.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. I love how us coupon bloggers support each other! Thank you for following us! The Marcal coupon is often in the Sunday Paper Inserts. The last ones were just on Sunday - 4/25 SS insert: $1/1 (any single roll free or $1/1) and $2/1 (TP 4 roll+).

  6. wow Thanks I think I may need to make a run to Albertsons tonight before the deal is up! Thank you so much!

    Also I've added you to my blogroll ... since I'm checking here every day! lol