Friday, April 23, 2010

Beech Nut Baby Food

Some of you may have already received these coupons in your email but thought I would pass it on. The $1/10 isn't the greatest, but anything to save me $$ on something I already buy (coupon or not) is fantastic to me!

Make sure your printer is already ready before clicking on the link :)

$1 on 10 Beech Nut Baby Food Jars (print twice) expires 8/20/10
$1 on Beech Nut Let's Grow Yogurt Nibbles (print twice) expires 8/20/10

P.S. Have you been wondering where all the posts are? I've been ultra busy the past two weeks! We are foster parents and we received a placement of a newborn! Yep, those sleepless nights are back! So as a *new* Mommy of two I have been shamefully spending way too much at the grocery store and it makes my skin crawl a little out of the coupon loop! Thank you for all of your support and the help of my CG Couponista ladies for keeping the blog afloat!

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