Monday, June 7, 2010

Secret Overage Deal at Safeway

Here's a deal I saw that I matched up that I thought everyone would like.

Go to and load some eQ's to your Safeway card... including the $3/2 Secret Deodorant

Now this eQ only links to one product... so you could go in and do this, which I did before I knew about the even better deal.

(1) 2.99 Secret Deodorant
-$3 eQ (auto'd at 2.99)
-.50/1 MQ (doubled)
= $1 Overage

Even better deal:
(3) Secret Deodorants 2.49 ea wyb 3+
- $3 eQ
- (3) $2 MQ from this Sunday's Paper -- Secret Mineral Power or something like that, this variety is included.
= $1.50 overage (and you get 3 deodorants)

Hope that helps!


  1. You could always just buy one of the mineral variety and use the $2 MQ and get $2 in overage... but the other way you can get more deodorant and the overage is only .50 different.

  2. i have tried and tried to load eq's and they wont work am I doing something wrong. Every time i go to the pg site it says they don't have any for my area??

  3. Wouldn't we get more overage by just buying 1 Secret Mineral Power?

  4. I'm hoping to do this deal later today! Good luck on the "OCD" tracking ;) It really does help :) Thanks for the deal!!

  5. Hi. I saw this post over at Arizona Savings and thought I would share. I know we've both had issues with Safeway's coupons policy and I thought this info might be beneficial to you! I think I'm going to print out a copy and take it with me on my shopping trips!