Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amended Safeway Coupon Policy

Maybe us couponers should have quietly lept for joy at the wonderful new Safeway coupon policy. Apparenlty they heard all the wonderful things we were talking about and decided to change that...

Okay, they haven't changed everything but you should read and compare. The *amended* version is HERE and was last updated 6/18/10.

The MAJOR change I could see.... Register Rewards will not be accepted. Catalina coupons even when labeled "Manufacture Coupons" MUST be for a specific item, not just a $ amount. I know, I am sad about this too. Well the two weeks of fun at Walgreens were good....

Now of course some Safeway stores are more friendly and may continue to accept them. But the policy is a "NO" so don't get ready to throw a fit if they turn your RR away. This morning I WAS ABLE to use one... of course, this was before a wonderful friend let me know of the new policy. I still have two more RR that expire today. I will go back to see if they'll take them and then call it good. I really do hate Safeway. Wishing I could run into THIS STORE manager... sigh :) Where is the coupon love?

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  1. Ur funny. I am sad to report that even that store (with the amazing manager who sadly wasn't there) is enforcing the newer policy :( I had $36 RR expiring that night that I had planned to use at Safeway. I saw your post (Thanks so much for the heads up) so I wasn't completely shocked when they said that they had a mtg just that morning and EVEN (this is a first) had a printout available of the new coupon policy... NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY KNOW THEIR POLICIES :p HOW CONVENIENT. Oh well. I canceled my order, just bought the necessities and ran to the 24 hr Walgreens to blow my RR before they expired.
    Thanks so much for the heads up... it was a disapointing night, but it would have been worse if I didn't know about these changes. ;)
    ~Janae @ Life Under Construction