Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Morning

Well I started out this morning with high hopes of finding the elusive $1.50/2 and .55/1 Mission and Kraft Tear Pad Coupons.... to no such luck! So, if you haven't already looked in CG... don't bother. What's funny... I remember seeing the $1.50/2 Mission one a month or so ago. Why I didn't grab some is beyond me... maybe I was too busy chasing kids?

What made my morning better?

Getting paid 21 cents to take some diapers from CVS :) I hate it when people post deals that can't really be duplicated... but this is the closest I've come to getting paid so I've got to share! I had a $5 ECB reward that needed to get used before Monday. So I went on over to CVS and grabbed an ad and scanned for a good deal. I saw the Pampers ECB deal and decided I would go for it.

Pampers on sale $8.49
- $5 ECB (earned from buying Huggies a few weeks ago)
- $3/1 Pampers MQ from Mailer (Thanks Mom!!)
= .79 (with tax) TOTAL
Earned $1 ECB ---- I made .21 cents! YAY!

Then I headed over to Target to cash in on some freebies. Here's what I got for FREE:

3 Dove Ultimate Deodorants (trial size)
7 Tide 2x Ultra Single Load Packs (in trial size section)
3 Johnson's Bath Buddies Bars
3 St. Ives Apricot Scrub .50 overage each!

At my Target they also had some Gillette Body wash and Clinical Strength Sport deodorants clearanced for $1.52. Already a good deal, but pair these prices with a MQ for an even sweeter buy!

OH AND A HEADS UP! Lindsay went to our Target in CG to get the baseball card holders... they moved them to the toy section!


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  2. Just wanted to let you know that the Mac And Cheese coupons are in Frys. It was said that they would probably be in Safeway. But they are in fry's by the mac and cheese. I almost didn't see them, but they are there sticking our of the shelf. I picked up about 12 free boxes at Albertsons last night!

  3. I went to safe way to get some of those mini cream cheese with the 5 coupons I got with my sunday papers and they were on the buy 5 get 5 deal they ended up giving me 2.54 to take them out of the store here in CG!!

  4. if u still need those Qs u can email me

  5. Hey there!! I have PLENTY of coupons..for Mission and Macaroni :) I'm in East me and I'll meet ya tomorrow and give u some ;)

  6. The trading card holders at Target in CG are by Checklane 18 (opposite side of A1 cosmetics). I don't know if there are more in toys, but definately on the trading card wall by the registers. I work at Target in CG. Christie