Monday, May 17, 2010

CG Safeway... not my favorite store

So I won't even spend the time to into everything that unfolded Saturday. But I will say that this CG store is NOT couponer friendly. If you have MQs from the Sunday Paper they love you. However, if you are using IPQs or any other printable type coupon they are total haters. Apparently they've had a problem with hundreds of $$ in "bogus" coupons... so now they are skeptical of any IPQs. They shut me down on the Real CA cheese coupons b/c they told me they thought they were fraud. (Don't get me started! GRR) They also didn't like my Wacky Mac Coupons... because I had 5. FIVE! Yeah, the Asst. Manager took one and said she was going to go "verify" it right away. Really?!

I don't believe that people who use coupons should be treated as less than those not using coupons. I was made to feel dishonest and a thief. After calling the Store Manager to discuss this problem I was given the same feedback. He referred to my "clipless" (his words for printable coupons) as a real problem and that he wanted to get information from Corporate on exactly what they have to take. He didn't mind that I wouldn't be shopping his store. When I called attention to how I felt treated he only talked over me and insisted that they do not treat couponers differently.

I know everyone's experience is different. But I am not happy with my Safeway store here in Casa Grande. I wish I lived closer to some of the couponer friendly ones in the Mesa area. I know you attract more bees with honey than vinegar... but how do you give compliments and friendliness to a store that makes you feel this way? Just my thoughts...


  1. Honestly, I was appalled to hear the way the store manager acted on the phone. I dont understand how one Safeway store can be so supportive of coupons and the other ones flat out refuse to take the IPQ's.

    Its just way too bad ...

  2. Julie ~ my local store is down the street, and I often have problems, usually always if I go during the day. The night manager loves coupons and he is a coupon user, but the day shift are very IP unfriendly. It angers me...because the last time I went to the one on Higley/Baseline the gal said "I dont understand why you can't just clip from the Sunday paper..." ~ I said "I DO. But MFR's put the coupons online to save themselves from the printing ink...and I'm willing to print them online. Just because it's an IP does not mean it's illegal."

    I wrote to SW but they did not even so much call me back. Very aggravating. I would agree with you: they do treat couponers different. Most of the time I attribute it to their lack of knowledge. Don't let it get you down! I know it bothers me at times...but I have been trying not to let it bother me too much. :)

  3. I also had a problem yesterday at the Safeway in CG. I had 2 internet coupons for some pasta sauce and they said that I could only use 1 per transaction. So I did 2 transactions. What is the difference really!!! They are still getting both coupons!! They will not take any of the real california coupons from me either. I have also talked with the manager and he is not very understanding. The assistant mangers are not very friendly either.

    I did see that Albertson's in CG has the Kraft mac and cheese coupons. They had a lot of them yesterday and they do not expire until Aug.(I hink).

  4. Too many times I have been treated similarly at my Safeway in Tucson. I've decided not to go back. When I go to Fry's the cashiers are so friendly and almost always congratulate me for saving with coupons. That's where my money is going from now on.

  5. I agree that Fry's seems much friendlier to couponers. I have been to the Safeway in CG twice in the past week and they actually have taken all my coupons. including the California cheese and milk coupons. as well as the wacky mac. That is horrible customer service the way the manager talked to you. As far as the coupons, I'm thinking it is all about your cashier. I had two different ones when I used the dairy coupons. I had like 20 coupons the one time and apologized to the cashier and she said not to apologize for taking care of my family. I did go in the evening though like at 9. So maybe that can make a difference too?

  6. For the first time ever the cashier at Safeway CG had the manager check my "FREE" coupons to verify they were legite. Pre-printed from the manufacturer Kraft coupons from the Facebook promotion just a few weeks ago. Then when the computer wouldn't take my Kashi coupon for a free box of cereal she had the manager override the transaction, but then somehow it wasn't on my receipt. Also their promotion on the buy 2 pasta sauce's and get 2 free packages of pasta said for "boxed pasta" on the promotion but the egg noodles were in a bag and had the promotional tag on them. So I got the egg noodles and one box of angel hair. Wouldn't you know...I had to pay for the egg noodles! I was so mad when I got back out to the car that I didn't even go back in. It didn't help any that my 3 year old smashed her finger and was screaming at the register and the woman behind me wouldn't wait for me to finish putting my stuff on the belt before she started crowding me.

    I don't know what's happened with the customer service at Safeway in CG. There is none. They used to be my favorite store in town because of discounted meat, quiet store and great sales, but now it's just more of a hassle to fight with them and nothing seems to ever ring up right!

    I haven't specifically had the issue of the cashier's not taking printables, but I'm prepared that will probably be the next issue. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I ALSO had the WORST experience at a Safeway in MESA no less! :(
    I was purchasing some cheese (something I had done just the night before) & they would not accept my Real California Coupons. I was shocked & it seemed like ALL of them were in agreement on this. Come to find out my girlfriend who was checking out just a few lanes down WAS allowed to use here Real California coupons (WHAT????!!!). I was so mad that I picked the wrong cashier apparently. But when I went back 2 hours later to return all the dairy (b/c personally I didn't think I'd sleep well knowing I actually PAID for groceries) ;) And they (a whole new set of employees) not only told me AGAIN that I couldn't use my Real California coupons, but that (b/c it left the store) they would actually THROW ALL THE FOOD I WAS RETURNING AWAY!!! I could not BELIEVE that the store would rather throw food into the trash than sell it to me using coupons (which ARE legitimate regardless of what they say). They asked me if the fact that they would throw it all away changed my mind on returning the items and I said "I'm just worried about my money, your store's policy is not my problem. However, I would be happy to purchase these items WITH COUPONS". So, I'm sure some happy employee went home that night with all of my would be groceries (FREE). I actually considered dumpster diving that night to get my groceries ;) my husband talked me out of it. I WAS SO MAD!
    They said that just that morning they were advised of a "NEW" policy stating that they cannot push through IP's that do not ring in on their own and there were a LOT of other little rules like only 1 IP per transaction... yada yada yada...
    Personally my IP's NEVER ring up at Safeway and so in the past they have ALWAYS manually entered them and that works.
    Safeway is definitely NOT on my favorites list anymore.

  8. INTERVENTION!! We all need to write a mean and nasty letter to Safeway saying that their customer service has gone down and we refuse to shop there anymore....with or without coupons! Personally, I think that Frys and Albertsons eventually have the same stuff on sale that Safeway does so why even shop there! Its just to bad about those Real California Coupons though.

  9. You can send an email to You can also call the hotline at 1-866-239-1376. Who knows if anyone will actually get back to you though.

  10. What a bummer Julie!! I hate experiences like that. I don't think these people realize how much time and planning it takes to find, organize, and clip coupons and then try to use them during sales. It is so frustrating when they make you feel like you're "cheating" or being dishonest about what you're buying with coupons. People who don't use coupons themselves don't really understand how they work and why they are worth the effort that it takes to organize them.

    I have actually been to two different Safeways here in Mesa in the last week to stock up on cereal and I have had no problems with any of my coupons. I had several IPQ's too. I really do think the cashier makes a huge difference on whether you have a good experience or not. I wish they had a sign on their register that said, "Coupon Friendly." And the other ones would say "Couponers Beware - I'm Grumpy Today!"

  11. Brooke- I love the idea of the sign on the register. I'm thinking I should make up signs like that and give them to my cashiers depending on how the transaction goes! I wonder how many of the grumpy cashiers would post their sign...HA HA