Monday, May 17, 2010

Living Large on Less

Janae over at Life Under Construction has a fantastic series going on: Living Large on Less. Amen, sister! Today she posted a FANTASTIC how to on organizing your coupons. Check it out here. And it ain't your typical binder method ladies! I love her breakout do what works for you attitude :) With two little ones in the house and all my time (and sanity) quickly used up I may even venture into not clipping every little coupon into my binder!

Thank you so much for your tips Janae!!

Check out her blog HERE.


  1. Considering the fact that I have not clipped the last months worth of sunday papers - I may go to this new style she posted. Sounds so much easier!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to me! Initially I just hoped to help some family and friends start couponing, but if other people can benefit from my posts that's just awesome!!! Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I read yours, so it's fun to have you visiting my blog :o How cool! Thanks!

  3. Janae - You put in A LOT of work creating the 'how to' series! It should get some attention. I love seeing how other people organize and the deals they get. Gives me some inspiration! Thank you!!