Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real California Milk Coupons

I know there is drama about the Real California Milk coupons. Read all about my drama HERE.

But just wanted to let all those haters see for themselves that they are not FRAUD. Please to go the Real California Milk Homepage and scroll down to the bottom. Click on either the "Click Here to Download a Coupon" button's for either Cheese or Milk products. What do you get? A PDF.

Remember that the products must carry that seal. A lot of the Lucerne cheese at Safeway carries this seal. And Kim over at Arizona Savings has been able to use it on the milk as well. As you can see in my drama that my Safeway is not so friendly.

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  1. If you write to the company and tell them of your problems, they will send you manufacturer coupons to your home mail.