Monday, September 20, 2010


Did everyone read the post over at Arizona Savings?

It inspired me to cash in on another great diaper deal! I used her scenario only I only did it once (only 2 codes available!) and got a box of Pampers Size 1 diapers - 180 ct. shipped for only $12.00!!

That's only 6 cents each!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the blog love! I am so glad you were able to get one more deal in before the end of the month. This Amazon diaper deal is CRAZY! :)

  2. There's another deal you can score this week at Babies R'Us....When you buy two value boxes of Pampers you'll get a $15 gift card (good at Babies R Us/Toys R Us)...and if you add to that a value box of wipes, you'll get another $5 card. I know that's not a super great deal, but if you can get on their mailing list for expectant moms, they might send you a coupon for a free $25 gift card when you register. When you do register (whether or not you had that coupon), you get a packet of free samples and coupons, one of which is a $8 off when you buy a value box of pampers + Val. box of wipes. And you can use MQ's in addition to those. I'm going to try and order a $3 off Pampers coupon through their rewards program, and then I figure with all the above combined, I should get two value boxes of diapers and one value box of wipes for $15 after Q's, and gift cards.