Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Fry's Trip -- Yipee!

I headed into Fry's today to cash in on the $10 off $50 Fresh & Easy coupon. I was able to get my total up above the $50 pre tax by getting some FREE stuff that added to my total before coupons were deducted. I won't run through my whole purchase but I will give you the highlights:

Best Life Buttery Spread $1 (sale) - $1/1 MQ = FREE
Tampax Gentle Glide 18 Ct. $2.99 - $2 IPQ - $3 eQ = $2 OVERAGE!
    ** I purchased 2 packages and had planned to pay .99 each after IPQ. However in the end a $3 eQ    came off. I still can't figure out where it came from. If anyone knows let me know so I can post it on the blog! **
Bounty Basic Paper Towels 1.19 - .25 MQ = .19 each
     ** I buy these coupons in lots of 20 off of ebay. I pay $1.44 shipped! A great way to stock up on something we use all the time. Combine this with the $1/1 eCoupon and you are in for some serious SAVINGS! **
Fry's Bread .88 - .50 Target IPQ (doubled!) = .12 overage
Old El Paso Seasoning Packets 1.19 - .50 MQ = .19 each
     ** wyb 3 you'll receive a $1 OYNO Beef & Chicken Catalina
Barilla Piccolini Pasta $1 - $1/2 MQ = .50 each
    ** wyb 3 you'll receive a $2/3 Catalina Coupon -- when you use this you'll get them for .33 each! **
Guerrero Tortillas $1.50 - $1 IPQ = .50 each

In the end my savings were 80% -- Hooray! Thanks so much to Kim over at Arizona Savings for sharing the link to the $10 off $50 purchase coupon! Check out her Favorite Deals post HERE. I also loved the match-ups over at Centsable Shoppin! THANK YOU! I know a lot of work goes into those posts!


  1. Way to go Julie! I think the $3 eQ Tampax coupon either came from Fry's or I just loaded all their new coupons a few days ago and I remember seeing the Tampax one somewhere on there. I love using those Fresh & Easy coupons at Fry's too, although whenever I try to use one, they usually don't accept it until after all of my other coupons have gone through :( It probably just depends on the cashier you get. Anyway, thanks for all your great posts!

  2. You dont' happen to know where the butter coupons are do you?