Sunday, October 3, 2010

Target Coupons -- Get Them NOW!

There are a couple fantastic Target coupons available on their website HERE that you can use at Fry's to score some really cheap stuff!

Here's what I printed off (remember you can print each TWICE!):

$1 off 48 oz Market Pantry Ice Cream
.50 off Deli Purchase of $1 or more (specifies store brand)
$1 off Neutrogena facial care item, excl. trial size
$1 off Produce purchase of $1 or more -- hello free produce!!
.50 off 20 oz. or 24 oz. Market Pantry Bread
$1 off Bakery Items (store brand, excludes .99 items) - think French Bread, cookies, etc.

Market Pantry is Target's store brand. Look for comparable Fry's branded items and its a match. Some cashiers may ask their manager for approval, but you shouldn't run into many problems. Also, last time I used a Target bread coupon for .50 Fry's doubled it! YMMV (your mileage may vary) but I was quite happy about the overage since bread was only .88! Also I haven't had any trouble using a competitor coupon and a manufacture coupon at Fry's on the same product. I need face wash BADLY so I am excited to see what I can score...

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