Sunday, July 25, 2010

My FRY's Trip 7/23/10

The Deals are still going until TUESDAY! And you can get EVEN MORE FREE stuff from the Coupons this Sunday!

FIRST: I Went on ARIZONA SAVINGS to look at her "Favorite Deals" she always posts when the new ad comes out. I printed off some coupons from there, and then my printer ran out of ink... but that's OK I still SAVED lots of Money.

4 Quaker Quakes print here
1 Miracle Whip like on face book here for Coup PLUS a Safeway Q from a Grilling Book they gave out a while ago, I went and asked if they had more and I was lucky, they had to dig them up! IT made it free with some overage..I think .51 cents
1 Olive Oil Kraft Mayo (Q from on top of Miracle Whip.... with overage from other, made it free)
2 SoftSoap print here
3 CREST Toothpaste (Sunday Papers Qs)
4 Spaghettios print here
3 French's Mustard Q from Papers AND Albertson's Q in Ad this week
3 French's Dipping Sauce (SAME)
3 Ivory Body Wash (Sanday Papers Qs)

5 Easy Mac .49 each(no coup, although there is an IP available I believe)


I really wanted to get the Crayons and Markers to get $4 OYNO, but to no avail. They were COMPLETELY out of Crayons, in the warehouse TOO. But the ad in the Sunday paper advertized them I don't know peeps! Good Luck!

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  1. Awesome trip Cami!! I'm going to see if they will do a raincheck for the crayons and markers.