Friday, July 23, 2010

Amazing deals

Is anyone else loving the amazing deals around this week!

My favorite deal?

4 Pepsi 2L .69 each with Safeway .69 ea Pepsi/7Up 2L store coupon (limit 4) (wyb 10 participating items -- only .19 each!)
5 Kraft Cheese 8 oz bags 1.49 ea (wyb 10 participating items)
1 any other item participating. I found Loreal Vive shampoo on clearance for $1.67 -$1 MQ = .67 (and it was participating in the sale so only .17 after!

And I earned $5 OYNO! Hello savings!

In other G-R-E-A-T news I finally organized my coupon binder and have kept it that way for nearly a whole week! YAY! I feel so empowered walking into a store knowing exactly what coupons I have. I just couldn't cut the file system... maybe I never gave it my best. But the rule of couponing is do what works best for YOU! And for me my ultra organized time consuming binder makes me happy and helps me save WAY more $$ than any other way (for me)


  1. Loving these deals! I really need to make myself more familiar with the clearance at Fry's... WOW! How great is that!? I wish I had time for the binder method. I'm just lucky to get to the store at all these days ;) Great job deal hunting! I'm hoping there's something left at my Frys when I get a chance to go in a day or two :p I'm fighting the urge to run down there tonight with my PJ's on ;) Hah!

  2. Janae - I KNOW what you mean. But after spending way too much at the store for a month while I was "too busy" to organize myself definately put our budget OVER! If the shelves are cleared out when you go just get some rain checks... and then remember to use them! That's my biggest problem!