Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fry's Clearance

Frys clearance is looking so GOOD! I am addicted to checking it out whenever I venture into Frys. And since I live just down the road and pass it a few times a day is A LOT!

The Fry's Marketplace on Pinal Ave has clearance located throughout the store. The biggest section is over by the 'home' department near the furniture. They generally have 2 -3 tables set up. Clearance tables are also currently located in front of the toy dept. by the new US Bank and a new one popped up in the dairy area of all places! They initially clearance items to 50% and then to 75%. Depending on the item it is safe to wait out the time in between mark downs. I always get a thrill out of watching an item for a few weeks and then finding it the day they mark it down even further!

Clearance finds will include everything from home decor, sheets and furniture to baby items, gum, makeup and toys. I recently even saw Shark Pocket Mops down to $50 (reg $119) b/c they were the display models. If only I had known then that mine would break!

Some of my BEST deals have come from the Fry's Clearance section... so be sure to check yours out regularly! Start thinking Christmas gifts and storing away some good finds that can make great birthday, etc gifts all year long! A $10 (or less) clearance find will beat a $20 day-of-rushing-cause-you-can't-show-up-without-anything gift!

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