Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why is car buying so pricey?

We just bought a new family car TODAY (well, tonight.... thank goodness for dealers who are open late!) -- and I wish wish wish there were coupons!

But I did save $$ buy researching ahead of time, knowing the blue book and fair market values and standing up for myself. I read a lot of articles over at!

I was able to haggle the price down $1500 from their internet special they swore they wouldn't budge from. We got a good deal, and I am sure they made their money as well.

Anyone else have any car buying tips? Post your comments!

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  1. My husband was a car salesman, and a sales manager in the car industry for years and years, and I can honestly tell you they probably did not make money on your sale. With the current market, prices are already at an all time low, and after they account for all of their fees and the salesman gets his comission (note: most are only paid off what they sell), the dealership probably broke even at best. The salesman put in so many hours per week that they usually make less than minimum wage per hour ~ in this market of course. Which is why my husband no longer works in that industry. Bottom line is that it sounds like you got a WONDERFUL deal!!! Congrats!