Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High Quality Sheets for CHEAP!

Alright, I know I posted about sheets before. I got some for $20 at a store in the AZ Mills Mall. Well, yeah, I am already IN NEED of new ones because those are SO cheaply made. So I searched for "High Quality Sheet Sets" on Google and THIS is what I found! I just ordered 2 Sets of 1500 Thread Count Cal. King Sheets and paid $96. That is, each one was $37 with a coupon code they give you on the home page if you buy 2, then shipping added $21. I know that sounds like A LOT but I am hoping it will be worth it! I will let you know when they come.

Before I ordered, I decided I would check out some other websites with sheets and for ONE SET it would be more than what I paid for 2!

I am so excited to SLEEP in Luxury!!


  1. I LOVE the sheets!! I highly recommend them to everyone!!

  2. Did you end up liking the sheets? Looking to order some. Thanks!

  3. YES! They are STILL in really GREAT condition and still really soft too! Totally good quaility!