Tuesday, February 22, 2011

$1 PJ's at WAL-MART!!!!

I went to Wal-Mart tonight on a whim, mainly because I was desparate for Apple Juice and I think it's cheapest there in the big bottle--ANYWAY-- I always like to check out there PJ's in these boxes because they will sometimes go on clearence. SAD thing was they only had these to styles and onlly in 12m, 18m, and 24m. BUT since I have 2 boys plus one on the way I loeaded up, every color and size!! I was SO HAPPY!! There was also Carter's fleece sleeper for for boys with Penguins on it for $1.75 (few left and only in 18 mon) I got lucky!! ALSO-- I saw Girl Carters fleece sleepers on sale for $5 down from $7-- there were a lot of those, my guess is they might go down in price as they keep dwindling around in the store!!
Oh and I went to FRY'S after and spent about $18 and got:
30 Yoplait Yogurt cups
4 Fruit Roll Ups
2 Gushers
8 Grands Biscuits
2 Cookie Pouches
4 Brownie Boxes
3 Toothpastes
I WAS SO HAPPY!! With another $3 CAT to spend next time!!
Check out Cent'sable shoppin' for THIS week's deals... A lot are the same I think!

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