Friday, February 19, 2010

$1/5 Earth's Best Baby Food

I got an email today from BabyCenter --

If you sign up to receive Earth's Best e-newsletter HERE you'll get a $1/5 Earth's Best Baby Food coupon! And you can print this twice! It does ask for a little information but you can always enter some generic. Like for my phone number I put 520-555-5555.... to avoid unncessary calls. I am sure you could do the same for your address.

Earth's Best Baby Food is on sale at Target thru tomorrow for .69 cents a jar. Paired with this coupon it would be .49/jar :) The coupon doesn't expire until July 1, 2011 so I am sure there will be plenty of time and other sales to match it up with for even better deals! These often go on sale at Babies R Us...

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