Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amended Safeway Coupon Policy

Maybe us couponers should have quietly lept for joy at the wonderful new Safeway coupon policy. Apparenlty they heard all the wonderful things we were talking about and decided to change that...

Okay, they haven't changed everything but you should read and compare. The *amended* version is HERE and was last updated 6/18/10.

The MAJOR change I could see.... Register Rewards will not be accepted. Catalina coupons even when labeled "Manufacture Coupons" MUST be for a specific item, not just a $ amount. I know, I am sad about this too. Well the two weeks of fun at Walgreens were good....

Now of course some Safeway stores are more friendly and may continue to accept them. But the policy is a "NO" so don't get ready to throw a fit if they turn your RR away. This morning I WAS ABLE to use one... of course, this was before a wonderful friend let me know of the new policy. I still have two more RR that expire today. I will go back to see if they'll take them and then call it good. I really do hate Safeway. Wishing I could run into THIS STORE manager... sigh :) Where is the coupon love?

Monday, June 28, 2010

.39 Pampers Wipes

The other day I was at Target and noticed that they had the Pampers THICK wipes 72 ct for $2.39 -- pair this with the $2 MQ and you'll score wipes for .39 plus tax!

Check out the Target clothes too... I picked up some baby and toddler shirts for under $2 as well! And of course, I headed over to JCPenney's to get those 80% clearance finds! YAY!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Casa Grande JCP

Hey girls! There are shirts sizes 7-18 for girls that are on clearance this week at JC Penney for $1.97. They are perfect for school. Some are tshirts and others are polos. Have fun shopping!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

$3 Huggies RESET! -- 60 ct or Larger

I wish it wasn't on the 60 ct or larger variety... but it still is a good coupon when paired with the $10 ECB deal at CVS this week. Read more over at Saving Cents with Sense HERE or HERE.

As for me I may just use the *wonderful* Luvs Mailer Qs I got this week. I received 2 $2.50/1 and 1 $2/1 ... and since Luvs are already pretty inexpensive it'll make for a great deal on diapers for little Miss.

In other news I wanted to tell you all to keep checking at Frys for Clearanced or "Close Out" deals! I saw so many when I went the other day! I picked up a Maybeline Pure Makeup Foundation for $3.50 without any Qs (cause like I said in my last post... struggling!) and since I was out.... it was worth the $. I also found another giant can of formula clearanced 50% off. YAY! There are toys and other misc household items as well. Keep your eyes open for great deals for Christmas. A $10 find now could save you A LOT of $ in the long run if you don't have to run around the week before Christmas looking for anything still on the shelves.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Couponing Mom Secrets

I wish I could tell you that I had a whole bunch of great tips on how to manage couponing and the daily CRAZY life of having kids :) By the way.... we now have 3 in our house!

So really, this post is a giant "HELP" and hope that you all will leave some comments on how you manage it all. It seems that I am always running behind on clipping my coupons or just can't seem to get the time to organize myself before I go to the store. I still have hopes of being a COUPONISTA.

So everyone out there... what do you do?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nivea Money Maker at Wags

Nivea Body Wash is on a FANTASTIC RR Money Maker this week!

Limit one RR per transaction!

Here's the scenario:

Buy 1 Nivea for Men Body Wash 3 $5.99
- $3 MQ (from like two months ago... did you save yours?)
= $ 3.54 (with tax in CG) -- EARN $6 RR
 So that's a $2.43 Money Maker after taxes!

And best part? As Trisha posted about earlier... you can take that overage (Register Reward) to Safeway and buy some groceries!

I did this deal 3 times this morning! Also, if you've been waiting to cash in on the Neutrogena RR deal ( Buy any 3 participating products get $10 RR) you're in luck! Everything is 25% off!! Best deal is the bars which are priced at $2.24 (at the reduced price) -- buy 3 of them and you'll earn a $10 RR... find some MQs (like the $1.50/1 MQ in the Safeway Coupon books) and pair it up for a great FREE or Money Making deal!

Start Thinking Christmas

Just like Raysha was thinking a few weeks ago when she found the INCREDIBLE toy clearance over at KMart...we've gotta start thinking Christmas. And when I saw this in my email this morning I thought, of course. I've got a $5/$25 purchase coupon from little Man's b-day for Toys R Us that would go great with this! Free Movie Ticket PLUS $5 off.... and I'm sure all you fantastic couponers out there can figure out how to make this deal even sweeter!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Safeway Coupon Policy

I just want to make sure that everyone heard about Safeway's new coupon policy. There is a BIG change. They now accept catalinas and manufacturer coupons that are printed from other stores. I verified this with the Casa Grande Safeway store last night. This would include coupons printed from Fry's, Albertson's, Walgreens, etc. Just another option for those Register Rewards!

Arizona Savings has a great post on this HERE

Link to the NEW Coupon Policy on the Safeway Website HERE.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Deals

A couple more deals...

Land O Lakes Omega Eggs were clearanced (sell by 6/15) to $1.39 - .55/1 MQ = .39/doz eggs!

Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches - .99 cents each - .55/1 Blinkie MQ (said DND but coupon auto'd) = FREE (YMMV on this one)

Dan-o-nino Yogurt cups 6 pack (the little kind) $2/4 - $1.50/1 MQ = .50 each

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Fry's Deals!

I finally went through my inserts and cut coupons - seriously, it had been WAY too long. It totally paid off too - today I got some great deals at Fry's! Here is a list of some good deals I got (excuse the lack of specific coupons I used. They are all made a dollar, so I didnt really pay attention to what the original amount was!)

Daisy Sour Cream: $1.79 - doubled coupon = $0.79 each
Yoplait Yogurt: $0.50 - $0.50/8 doubled = $0.37 each, wyb 8
Roarin Waters Capri Sun: FREE wyb 5 pack Kraft Mac & Cheese for $4.09 (use peelie on box!)
Danimals Crush Cups: $2 - $1 mfq = $1 each
Danimals Coolision Tubes: ON CLEARANCE for $1.49 - $1 mfq = $0.49 EACH!
Bounty Basics (1 pack paper towel): $1.19 - $0.25 (made to a dollar) = $0.19 each
Little Swimmers Diapers: $7.49 - $2 mfq = $5.49
Welches Juice: $1.99 - doubled coupon = $0.99 each
Cover Girl Professional Mascara: CLEARANCED to $2.49 - $1 mfq = $1.49
Oxi Clean Laundry Packs: $2.99 - $2 mfq = $0.99 each
-you can also pair with other Oxi Clean products and use the $3/2 coupon as well!
Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups: $1.49 - $1/2 = $0.99 + GET $0.50 ONYO for every 2 packs you buy! (so I bought 6, used 3 coupons, got $1.50 RR.) Total is $0.75 each wyb 6.
Mahatma Rice: $2.89 - doubled coupon = $1.89 each
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup: $2 - $1 mfq = $1 each
Clorox Bleach: $1.69 - doubled coupon = $0.69 each
Dawn Dish Soap (10.3 oz): $1.59 - doubled coupon = $0.59 each
Charmin TP 4 pack: $2.99 each - doubled coupon = $1.99 each
Jimmy Dean Sausage Chubs: $4.99 - $1/2 mfq stacked with $1/2 peelie = $3.99 each wyb 2

Some deals are great - others could be better! Overall I bought 77 items and spent $106.65 which averages to be $1.38 each. Definitely could be better, but not too shabby! :)

**By the way, I tried to do the SCRUBBING BUBBLES OVERAGE DEAL posted by the Krazy Coupon Lady. The cashier said that she wouldnt accept my coupon of "Buy the Toilet Scrub Gel, Get the Brush Starter Kit Free" because it had a "free item" on it. I had 3 kids with me and didnt feel like arguing so I had her take the items off. Has anyone else had success with this deal???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bosch Giveaway

Head on over to Deals to Meals to check out their AWESOME giveaway: a Bosch Mixer!

Last day to enter? June 30th!

Deals to Meals is a service that compares the sale prices of all major grocery stores to Costco and Walmart and tells you where the best deals are. Then they provide you with recipes and meal plans using those sale items. Now available in 12 states. It's $4.95 a month... which isn't bad if you find yourself stressed out about how to pair up the sales with recipes your family will actually enjoy! As for me, I may try it out for two weeks FREE just to see what its like.

**Confession: I've never won a single giveaway. EVER. Sad, huh? Maybe this one could be mine!**

Monday, June 7, 2010

Secret Overage Deal at Safeway

Here's a deal I saw that I matched up that I thought everyone would like.

Go to pgesaver.com and load some eQ's to your Safeway card... including the $3/2 Secret Deodorant

Now this eQ only links to one product... so you could go in and do this, which I did before I knew about the even better deal.

(1) 2.99 Secret Deodorant
-$3 eQ (auto'd at 2.99)
-.50/1 MQ (doubled)
= $1 Overage

Even better deal:
(3) Secret Deodorants 2.49 ea wyb 3+
- $3 eQ
- (3) $2 MQ from this Sunday's Paper -- Secret Mineral Power or something like that, this variety is included.
= $1.50 overage (and you get 3 deodorants)

Hope that helps!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toy Clearance Heaven

I had read on a deal blog that K-Mart was taking an additional 50% off of their toy clearance. I also had a 20% off your entire toy purchase coupon that came in a Burger King Kids Meal. I headed to K-Mart and they had a display set up right inside the door with the clearanced toys. I'm not sure when the deal started but if you have boys, the deals were great. There were only a few girl items. My best deal was the Matchbox Mega Rig Pirate Ship.
Originally priced at $49.99, the clearance price was $40.00. After the 50% off, it was $20. After my 20% coupon, it was $16.
I also got a Star Wars Force Action Light saber which was originally $24.99, marked down to $20, after 50% if was $10, after my coupon, $8.
Then, I headed off to Frys. I always check the clearance tables there first thing. I was not disappointed today. I got:
Sesame Street "Let's go to Preschool" learning software for the computer. Originally $19.99, on clearance for $4.89
imaginext Lost Creatures dinosaur: Clearance price $3.84
imaginext Lost Creatures dinosaur: Clearance price $3.84
Polly Pocket Pretty Packets Dispenser: Clearance price $2.89
Berry Stylish Strawberry Shortcake: Clearance price $3.19
(2) Lego Power Miners: Clearance price $2.44 ea
Lego Space Police: Clearance price $3.49
Star Wars Playdough Stampers: Clearance price $2.89
Little People Nostalgic Figure Four Pack: Clearance price $1.49
I'm pretty happy getting 11 great toys/gifts for about $6 more than the one pirate ship's original price.

Saturday Morning

I headed out early this morning and picked up my Bountiful Basket. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the 20 or so Bok Choy I got in it... but who doesn't love a stir fry :)

Never heard of Bountiful Baskets? Read what everyone had to say HERE.

Then it was on to Safeway...

18 Kraft Mac N Cheese -- FREE w/ .55/2 TearPad Qs (THANK YOU!)
1 6 pack Yo Baby Yogurt - Clearanced 1.98
4 Ziploc Container Packs - 1.99 each wyb 4 - (2) .55/1 MQs and (1) 1.50/2 MQ
2 Sun Rype Squiggles .79 -- B1G1 IPQ auto'd to .79
1 Secret Deodorant 2.99 - $3 eQ and .50/1 MQ = $1 Overage!!
= 6.48 with tax, earned $4 OYNO -- Final Cost $2.48

And then to Fry's for some more of the fabulous $1.68/gal Milk and a few other essentials. No coupons...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

$4.49 Huggies at FRYS!

According to BabyCheapSkate -- check 'em out HERE (see comments) -- Fry's is running a great Huggies Promo right now! I am in serious need of a diaper deal and thought  you'd all like to hear about it too! I will go this afternoon and test it out just to see:

Deal runs through 6/5:

Buy 2 Huggies Jumbo Packs $8.99
- $3 Instant Savings at Register when you spend $15 on Huggies
- (2) $3 Huggies IPQ (tons of them out there and hopefully they have reset for today, read HERE)
=$4.49 per pack plus tax!
If you Buy 2 and use 2 $3 MQs you'll pay $10.43 with tax in CG.

That is an AWESOME deal :) Stock up and SAVE!

** UPDATE: Deal TOTALLY works! Hooray! I did seperate transactions for the 4 packs I purchased. I didn't want to chance the deal not working out. Let me know if anyone tries buying in higher amounts in one trans. **